2019-20 IJA Committee Co-Chairs and Officer Liaisons

Budget and Finance
Develops annual budget for presentation to the Board at mid-year meeting and maintains a long-term financial plan.
Naomi H. Schuster
Patricia O'Brien Sheahan
Liaison: Mary Colleen Roberts

Community Engagement
Promotes public knowledge of the role and functioning of the judiciary, civics, and the administration of justice, develops community engagement activities that enhance respect for judges; works with court partners, the bar, and with all judges to create a better community, appropriately utilizing all available media.
John O'Gara
Paul Marchese
Veronica O’Malley     
Liaison: Barbara Crowder

Court & Family Security
Analyzes physical and security make up of courthouses and assists and educates members with on-line privacy and personal security. 
Michael Chmiel
William Raines
E. Kenneth Wright
Liaison: Diane Shelley

Educational Programming & Annual Meeting
Plans and presents educational programs and at the annual meeting in December. Also, oversees annual luncheon.
Patrice Ball Reed
Al Swanson
Liaison: Margaret Mullen

The Gavel
Publishes The Gavel, the official publication of the Illinois Judges Association. 
Co-Editors:  Celia Gamrath and Elizabeth Rochford
Liaison: Diane Shelley

Government Affairs
Monitors actions and proposed actions of the legislative and executive branches on matters of import to the judiciary.
Mark Levitt
Debra Walker
Liaison: Barbara Crowder

IJA Wellness
Promote health and well being throughout the judiciary
Mary Colleen Roberts
Cathy Schneider
Liaisons: Diane Shelley and Margaret Mullen

In-School Programs
Facilitates getting judges into schools to present 7 Reasons to Leave the Party, our award-winning program on drug and alcohol prevention; Courtroom in the Classroom, a civics presentation on the judicial process; Page It Forward, which encourages reading; Worries of the World Wide Web, that explores the serious dangers of the Internet, social media, apps and cellphones and Your Future, Your Choice an interactive program explaining our justice system.
Sophia Atcherson
Melissa Durkin
Liaison: Eileen O’Neill Burke
Sub-Committees re Programming
Mary Schostok & Elizabeth Rochford, Co-Chairs Page It Forward
Mark Drummond, Chair 7 Reasons to Leave the Party
Clare McWilliams, Chair Courtroom in the Classroom
Susan Clancy Boles, Chair Worries of the World Wide Web
Melissa Durkin, Your Future, Your Choice

Judicial Selection and Retention
Monitors judicial election and retention and investigates and addresses, within ethical limitations, problems.
Anna Demacopoulos
Cecilia Horan
Bobbi Petrungaro
Liaison: David Overstreet

Law and Literature
Sponsors and encourage  reading, writing and sharing of literature helpful to our role as judges, including  curriculum for judicial education programs, formation of writing groups for IJA members, and publication of the creative writing of members.
Thomas Donnelly
Charles Reynard
Liaison: Diane Shelley

Maintains and increases membership, recommends programs and benefits to enhance the value of IJA to judges in Illinois. 
Diann Marsalek
Michael McCuskey
Liaison: Margaret Mullen

Pension and Employment Benefits
Monitors legislative, executive, and judicial branch action involving compensation, insurance, pensions, etc.
Larry G. Axelrood
Dan Weber 
Mark VandeWiele
Liaison: Diane Shelley

Public Affairs & Media Response
Monitors and arranges responses to unjust public criticism of the judiciary.
Robert Anderson
Dan Jasica
Liaison: Barbara Crowder

Sub-Committee on Judicial Privacy
Educates, implements and advocates for appropriate privacy protections for judges and works with partners and stakeholders to promote processes to ensure judicial privacy.
Mathias Delort
Eileen O'Neill-Burke
Retired Judges
Engages retired judges, monitors governmental actions, assists retirees with retirement benefits, and presents CLE seminars.
Donald Bernardi
Fred Foreman
Liaison: David Overstreet
Travel and Member Benefits
Plans trips of interest to members, as well as identify member-benefit programs.
Deborah Gubin
Sheila M. Murphy
Liaison:  Barbara Crowder

Promote health and well being throughout the judiciary
Mary Colleen Roberts
Catherine Schneider
Liaison: Margaret Mullen and Diane Shelley

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