August 19, 2019

Judges’ Association President Lauds Judges on State Bar Activity

Chicago, IL, August, 2019: Illinois Judges Association President Margaret J. Mullen has announced that seventy-one (71) judges have been appointed to committees of the Illinois State Bar Association by its new President David Sosin. Judge Mullen, a retired Circuit Judge from Lake County, pointed to Illinois judges’ continuing commitment to the legal community: “Bar associations do so much good for the legal profession and for the entire community. It is so important that Illinois judges are part of that work. Judges and lawyers have demanding jobs. But even though it can be hard to find the time, we both embrace our responsibility to be active with our profession. I am very proud of the commitment of Illinois’ judges and lawyers to our state bar association.”

Judges from Marion, Illinois (Judge Carey C. Gill) to Markham, Illinois [Judge Geraldine A. D'Souza] are part of committees of the State Bar Association and provide the judicial perspective. Notably, Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier of Nashville serves on the Bench and Bar Section Council, the mission of which is to forge a spirit of cooperation, collegiality and exchange among state and federal judges and the practicing bar, and to enhance the court system, the administration of justice for the public, and the relationship between judges and lawyers.

Many judges are part of the Bench and Bar Section Council. Appellate court justices serving on that committee include: Justice Ann B. Jorgensen, Second District, Justice Jesse Reyes, First District, Justice Richard P. Goldenhersh (Ret.) of Belleville, Justice Michael Hyman, First District. Other judicial members are: Judge Patrice Ball-Reed of Chicago, Judge Anna Benjamin, of Urbana, Judge Donald D. Bernardi (Ret.) of Bloomington, Judge Michael J. Chmiel, of Woodstock, Judge Michael S. Jordan (Ret.) of Glenview, Judge John J. O’Gara, Jr. of Belleville, Judge Stephen R. Pacey (Ret.) of Paxton, Judge Alfred M. Swanson, Jr. (Ret.) of River Forest, Judge April Troemper of Carlinville; Judge Debra B. Walker of Chicago, Presiding Judge E. Kenneth Wright, Jr. of Chicago.

Justice William E. Holdridge, of the Illinois Appellate Court, Third District, finds time to contribute to two committees. He is a member of the Animal Law Section Council and the Workers' Compensation Law Section Council. Justice Holdridge is the Presiding Justice of the Illinois Appellate Court’s Workers’ Compensation Commission Division, which is composed of five appellate justices, one justice from each of the five appellate districts. The panel was created by the Supreme Court in 1984 to provide efficient resolution of workers’ compensation appeals and to promote uniform application of the law throughout the state.

Numerous judges serve on the ISBA Assembly, which is the supreme policy making body of the Association, with 203 lawyer or judge members elected on a pro rata basis from the judicial circuits. Judges elected to the Assembly include: Judge Robert Anderson of Wheaton, Judge Patrice Ball-Reed of Chicago, Judge Dennis L. Berkbigler (Ret.) of Effingham, Judge Dennis J. Burke (Ret.) of Chicago, Judge Anthony A. Iosco (Ret.) of Elk Grove, Judge Brian R. McKillip of Wheaton, Judge Edna Turkington-Viktora (Ret.) of Chicago, and Presiding Judge E. Kenneth Wright, Jr. of Chicago.

Presiding Judge Wright is not only a member of the Assembly but also on the Board of Governors, which oversees the operations and management of ISBA, on the Elder Law Section Council, on the Special Committee on Health and Wellness, as well as the Bench and Bar Section Council. And Judge Russell W. Hartigan (Ret.) of Western Springs, who is a Past-President of the ISBA, remains much involved. He is part of three committees, Local Government Law Section Council, Standing Committee on Judicial Advisory Polls, and on the Assembly. Several judges are members of three committees: Judge Patrice Ball-Reed of Chicago, Michael J. Chmiel of Woodstock, Judge Barbara L. Crowder (Ret.) of Edwardsville, Judge Brian R. McKillip of Wheaton, Judge James M. Radcliffe, III (Ret.) of Belleville, and Judge Edward J. Schoenbaum (Ret.) of Springfield.

Many family court judges find the time to contribute to the ISBA Family Law Section Council: Presiding Judge Grace G. Dickler of Chicago, and her Cook County colleagues, Judge Karen J. Bowes, Judge Pamela E. Loza, Judge Jeanne M. Reynolds, and Judge Debra B. Walker. Judge Timothy J. McJoynt of Wheaton also brings his expertise in family law to this committee.

Judges from other jurisdictions participate in the ISBA, as well. Three federal judges are part of the state bar’s committee structure. Magistrate Judge Gerald B. Cohn of Collinsville (Standing Committee on Judicial Advisory Polls; Standing Committee on Corrections & Sentencing), Magistrate Judge Iain D. Johnston, of Rockford (Federal Civil Practice Section Council), and Magistrate Judge Thomas P. Schanzle-Haskins of Springfield (Federal Civil Practice Section Council). Judge Patricia Jackowiak, the Director/Chief Administrative Law Judge of the City of Chicago’s Department of Administrative Hearings, is on the Administrative Law Section Council.

ISBA President David Sosin said: “I value the involvement of judges in Illinois State Bar Association leadership, committees and activities. Judges work side by side with our other members on so many important projects. They bring a valuable perspective to lawyers. I also think that participation within the ISBA gives judges insight into larger issues facing the people in Illinois. So it’s a win/win.”

Sorted by the town in which he/she sits or resides, the following active and retired judges serve on the following ISBA committees: