Lincoln Bicentennial Project

To commemorate the Illinois bicentennial, the Illinois Judges Association and Illinois Judges Foundation boards,  the Illinois State Bar Association and Illinois Bar Foundation boards and the Illinois State Historical Society approved a joint project to oversee and pay for the installation of a magnificent photograph of lawyer Abraham Lincoln in every one of the state’s 102 counties by the end of 2018.

The lifelike canvas photograph in a rich stained-wood frame is a clear and commanding portrait of Lincoln at 30” x 40”. Lincoln considered the photograph his favorite.

The Illinois State Historical Society owns the glass-plate positive image made from a long gone original negative. The beardless Lincoln sat for the Chicago photographer Alexander Hesler on June 3, 1860, at the Old State Capital in Springfield.  Anyone who has seen the reproduction will agree with the ISHS that it “is perhaps the finest pre-presidential image of Lincoln ever taken.” 

The portraits are to be placed in public view for years to come, recalling   Lincoln the lawyer, the leader, and the man, as well as our participating organizations.

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Famous Lincoln portrait on display at courthouse

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Effingham County August 3, 2018 Henderson County July 27, 2018

Knox County July 27, 2018

McDonough County July 27, 2018
Green County July 15, 2018 Jersey County July 11, 2018
Scott County July 9, 2018 Bond County June 30, 2018
Kankakee County June 27, 2018 Wayne County June 25, 2018
Jefferson County June 13, 2018 Madison County May 21, 2018
St. Claire County May 15, 2018 Winnebago County May 4, 108

Boone County May 4, 2018