May 31, 2024

All members of the Illinois Judges Association are hereby notified

of the call for the Annual Meeting and Installation of Officers of the Association

on Friday, May 31, 2024, Noon

Chicago Kent College of Law, 10th Floor

565 Adams, Chicago, Il 60661

 Board of Directors’ meeting will commence at 1:30 p.m. Room 520

All members are hereby notified of the nominations made

by the Nominating Committee to fill the vacancies in the offices

of  seventeen directors and six officers

The nominations are:


President: Mary Colleen Roberts

1st Vice President: Elizabeth Rochford

2nd Vice President: Patrice Ball Reed

3rd Vice President: Julie Katz

Secretary: Patricia O'Brien Sheahan

Treasurer: Heinz Rudolf

 Board of Directors

 Immediate Past President: David Overstreet

 The following judges were nominated for a three-year term:


Frank Andreou

Michael Barrett

Stephanie Miller

Maureen Ward Kirby

Susana Ortiz

Travis Richardson

Stephanie Saltouros

Out of Cook

Robert Anderson

Anna Benjamin

Liam Brennan

Vincent Cornelius

Douglas Lee 

Sandra Parga

Anthony Peska

Martin Siemer

Ann Celine Walsh


Illinois Judges Association