an interactive program explaining our justice system.

A presentation of the Illinois Judges Association

The judges in the Third Judicial Circuit and the Twentieth Judicial Circuit will be receiving training from the Illinois Judges Association on June 3, 2019 and June 4, 2019 on a new interactive program to be presented to high school students throughout the State. The Illinois Judges Association (IJA), a 1250-member professional association of active and retired judges, has created this new program.  IJA Board Members Judge Martin Mengarelli from Madison County and Judge Julie Katz from St. Clair County will be present to help coordinate the training sessions. 

The presentation uses judge-led discussion and professional video to address issues of particular importance to young people.  During the program, the judge in the classroom walks the students through a case’s progression through the system from arrest, to trial and appeal.  The judge will play short videos and then lead a discussion with the students about each segment.  Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, and Marshan Allen, a young man who was convicted of murder at the age of 15, are featured in the video clips explaining legal concepts.

Marshan Allen describes how he drove the getaway car for an armed robbery.  Two people were murdered and at 15, he was sentenced to 2 terms of natural life.  By using Marshan's story, the judge will teach the students about the law of accountability, the differences between juvenile and adult court and will also explain the appeal process, through which Marshan was resentenced and released at the age of 40.  Finally, the judge will discuss how something that is texted or posted can be a crime.

Attached is the trailer video that outlines the program.   This program will give the students tangible information about our justice system in a way that is informative and interactive.  This link is the trailer to the video:

If any schools in the metro-east area would like to have this program presented, please contact the IJA at [email protected] to arrange for a presentation.